How Does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affect My SAT®?

How Does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affect My SAT®?

Students who have been studying diligently and preparing for an upcoming SAT® exam have found themselves in an uncertain position with the coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic, and its impact on all activities across the nation, are evolving rapidly, with many events being cancelled, including standardized tests.


Students who were scheduled to take the May 2, 2020 exam should know that this exam has been cancelled. Also, the March 28, 2020 makeup exam (for the March 14 exam) has been cancelled. Students who were scheduled to sit for these exams should have an understanding of how the cancellations will affect them.

Refunds of Fees

Students who are registered for the May 2 exam or those whose test centers were closed during March will receive refunds. Those who do not receive their March scores due to any other irregularities will also have their fees returned.

The SAT® in June 2020 and Beyond

The next question that many examinees often have is, “When will the exam be available for me to take in the future?” The COVID-19 pandemic is changing circumstances every day. However, currently, the June 6, 2020 testing date has not yet been canceled. This may change if, as the date gets closer, it is still considered a health risk to hold the exam. For now, students may currently register for this date and will be updated of any changes as the test date approaches.

The College Board is also considering adding another international SAT® exam date later in the year, which could provide students with an additional testing opportunity. For continuing updates, look at the official SAT® Coronavirus update site.

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