Free Practice Tests for the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

Whether you are headed down the path to become a licensed pharmacist or desire to work as a pharmacy technician, passing this test is one of the first steps. There is a lot to know and our free practice test for the PTCB Exam will help you find out where you need to work more and make the most of your study time.

Billing and Reimbursement

Since about 9% of the questions on the PTCB Exam address billing and reimbursement, you’ll need to be familiar with how people pay for prescription drugs. There are many insurance terms and benefit coordination concepts with which you need to be familiar. Our questions will help you find out just what you know about this area of the pharmacy business.

Information Systems

The PTCB Exam devotes 10% of its questions to the computer-driven side of pharmacy operations. These questions address the documentation of prescription orders and filling, including patient information involving drug interactions and drug allergies. You’ll need to be familiar with various computer applications used in pharmacies, so let our questions help you assess your current knowledge in this area.

Inventory Management

Being able to maintain consistent delivery of prescription medication requires a pharmacy to keep close tabs on inventory. This involves maintaining and rotating stock, awareness of expiration dates, and proper drug storage. You’ll also need to be familiar with approved and preferred product lists to correctly answer inventory management questions that comprise nearly 9% of the test. Let our practice questions tell you what you know about this topic.

Laws and Regulations

Many laws and regulations govern the preparation and distribution of medicine in a pharmacy. About 12% of the questions on the PTCB Exam pertain to these. You will need to know about regulations of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other regulatory entities. If you find gaps in your knowledge after accessing our practice questions about this area, please consult the many online sources available.

Medication Safety

Over 12% of the PTCB Exam questions focus on medication safety and deal mostly with packaging safeguards, patient instructions, and avoiding mistakes that could jeopardize a patient’s health and safety. Try our practice questions to see how much you already know about this and make a plan to improve if this is a difficult area of pharmacy for you.

Order Entry and Fill Process

The topic of filling prescription orders is so important that the PTCB Exam devotes the largest percentage of questions to it, nearly 18%. This area of pharmacy work includes dosage calculations, handling and labeling products, dispensing them in an appropriate form, and product storage requirements. Find out how much you know about drug orders and filling by using these practice questions as a guide.


Questions on the PTCB Exam in the area of pharmacology will make up a little over 13% of the test. You will be asked about drug names and their equivalents, as well as how they react when given in combination with other medicine. It will also be important to know many other details about many pharmaceuticals, including side-effects and contraindications. These practice questions will give you an idea about your skill in this pharmacy area.

Quality Assurance

Providing a consistent, quality product is the goal of a good pharmacy. This goal extends to customer service, as well as protocol put in place to ensure medication freshness and quality. Only about 7% of the questions on the PTCB Exam pertain to quality assurance, but it is an important area in which to hone your skills. Check out our practice questions for a good start on this task.

Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding

Processing prescription medicine requires certain care with regard to safety and purity. The PTCB Exam includes questions about this that make up almost 9% of the test. They include concepts relating to equipment choice, handling of various batches and compounds, as well as disposal and other safety issues. Practice demonstrating your knowledge in this area with our practice questions.

After taking this practice test, we hope you feel more prepared on test day. There’s more practice available in our free flashcards and study guides, so take advantage of them, too! And don’t forget to let us know how the process goes for you through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. We also love emails at