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Federal Requirements

10 topics

  1. Role of the DEA and DEA Controlled Substance Schedules
  2. Ordering, Receiving, and Storing Regulations
  3. Role of the FDA
  4. Handling of Materials: Non-Hazardous and Pharmaceutical
  5. Controlled Substance Calculations
  6. Labeling and Dispensing Regulations
  7. Other Regulations
  8. Handling of Materials: Hazardous
  9. Controlled Substances: New Prescriptions and Refills
  10. Controlled Substances: Prescription Transfers


10 topics

  1. Drug Interactions and Contraindications
  2. Drug Stability
  3. Indication of Legend
  4. Restricted Access Medications
  5. Medication Classification and Names
  6. Narrow Therapeutic Index (NTI) Medications
  7. Medication Storage
  8. Medication Specifications
  9. Medication Calculations
  10. Medication Effects

Order Entry and Processing

10 topics

  1. Important Equipment
  2. Returning Medication
  3. Non-Sterile Compounding: Calculations
  4. Non-Sterile Compounding: Ointments, Mixtures, and Suppositories
  5. Non-Sterile Compounding: Liquids, Emulsions, and Enemas
  6. Formulas for Calculations
  7. Conversions
  8. Sig Codes and Roman Numerals
  9. Medical Terminology and Abbreviations and Other Pharmacy Symbols
  10. Important Numbers

Patient Safety and Quality Assurance

10 topics

  1. The Pharmacist’s Role, Part 2: Documentation and Records
  2. Types of Errors: Calculations
  3. Event Reporting
  4. Risk Potential
  5. Error Prevention
  6. Types of Errors: Doses, Refills, and Quantity
  7. Types of Errors: Patient and Drug
  8. The Pharmacist’s Role, Part 1: Working with the Patient
  9. The Role of Personal Hygiene
  10. Clean Equipment and Supplies

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