Free Flashcards for the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

How in the world can you remember all of those terms used in pharmacy? Well, these free flashcards for the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam are certainly a starting point. We review some of the most important vocabulary for each area the test covers so you’ll know those vital terms. Use them with our study guides and practice questions for really solid test prep.

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Billing and Reimbursement

As a pharmacy technician, you’ll need to be familiar with the vocabulary and procedures involved in billing and insurance for medication. Our flashcards will aid in your study of this area before you sit for the PTCB Exam.

Inventory Management

Helping to manage the inventory in a pharmacy is part of a pharmacy technician’s job and you’ll need to know about standard practices in this area. These flashcards will help you review some of the most important inventory management techniques before you take the PTCB Exam.

Laws and Regulations

So many terms, so little time to study them. Pharmacy laws and regulations involve being well-versed in the many terms and acronyms used in them. Practice your skill in this area by using these flashcards before you tackle the questions on the PTCB Exam.

Medication Safety

Understanding the related terms and procedures regarding safety in the packaging, preparation, and dispensing of medication is a required skill for a pharmacy technician. Using these flashcards will help you solidify your knowledge in the area of medication safety before you take the PTCB Exam.

Order Entry and Fill Process

From dosage calculations to labeling, a pharmacy technician needs to be skilled in all areas of prescription ordering and filling. Use these flashcards to assess what you know about filling prescriptions before taking the PTCB Exam.


Pharmacology covers everything you need to know about all kinds of medications and there are many terms and names that can be confusing. Use these flashcards to bolster your knowledge in this area and be more prepared for the pharmacology questions on the PTCB Exam.

Quality Assurance

Every pharmacy attempts to provide excellent and consistent product quality. To do this, all employees, including pharmacy technicians, must be knowledgeable about quality assurance measures. These flashcards will help you practice such skills before you take the PTCB Exam.

Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding

These flashcards can help you review the meaning of some of the words used when you discuss compounding in the pharmacy. It will be helpful to understand the terms when you are trying to follow complex compounding procedures and guidelines and when you answer the compounding-related questions on the PTCB Exam.

Hopefully, these flashcards have helped you review some of the major vocabulary involved in studying for your PTCB Exam. Please let us know how things go by reaching out to us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. We’d also love to hear about your experience in an email at [email protected], when you have a chance.