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Consider all of the reading, math, and writing you’ve learned in all of your years of education. How in the world can you know what to study for a teaching test? Our free study guides for the PRAXIS® Core test will help you figure it out! They list the basic skills required to help you prepare and ace the test, the first time!

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Sections of the PRAXIS Test


The PRAXIS Core Mathematics Test assesses your knowledge and skill in areas of mathematics that have been deemed to show college and career readiness. Basically, these are things you would have learned in high school. This guide provides an outline of the core concepts and procedures for which you will be responsible. You will also need to practice using these procedures in solving problems that require more than one step and in your reasoning about mathematical situations.

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The PRAXIS Core Reading Test covers all sorts of reading and comprehension skills, but that’s not all. To do well on the test, you need to be able to reflect on what you have read, analyze it, and identify inferences found in the text. Check out this study guide to find out exactly what you need to know and be able to do before you sit for the test.

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The PRAXIS Core Writing test has two parts: a set of selected-response (multiple-choice) questions and a section during which you will write two essays. While our practice questions, flashcards, and this study guide help you prepare for the questions, they also prepare you to actually write for the essay portion of the test. Additionally, this study guide contains a section at the end devoted entirely to the essays and preparation for them.

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Now that you’ve used our study guides for the PRAXIS® Core test, we hope you feel better prepared to tackle this important requirement of teacher preparation. We also hope your testing experience will be highly successful. Let us know how it goes and how we can help in additional ways through Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If you prefer, send us an email at