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Free Flashcards for the PRAXIS® Test

Sometimes, it’s the little details that can trip you up on a test. These free flashcards for the PRAXIS® Core test aim to keep that from happening. Use them to review many of the key ideas and concepts you’ll need to know on test day.


The PRAXIS® Core Mathematics test covers various topics and procedures in math. It is important that you understand many terms and know the meanings of words used in the questions. These flashcards will help you review this type of content detail.


The Reading section of the PRAXIS® Core test assumes that you have basic knowledge and understanding of literary terms and language. These flashcards will help you review some of these terms and help you to feel more comfortable dealing with them on the actual test.


The PRAXIS® Core Writing test has two parts: multiple choice questions and essays. For both of them, it will be assumed that you know the fundamentals of good writing and the terms referring to writing strategies. These flashcards were designed to help you review both and score well on the essays and the questions.

We certainly hope our flashcards have helped round out your PRAXIS® Core test studies and that you do very well on test day. Let us know about your experience and about how our materials helped. Send us an email at or find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest.