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Free Practice Tests for the PRAXIS® Test

Before taking the PRAXIS® Core test, you’ll want to be sure you understand the types and level of the questions you will face. Our free practice questions for each section of the PRAXIS Core test will help you get used to the format and assess your knowledge in each area. Then, you’ll know what you need to study before test day.


The Math section of the PRAXIS® Core test assesses your ability to reason in a mathematical way—quantitatively. Some questions require you to do multiple processes to arrive at an answer.

There are three different question formats in the Math section:

  • selected response—multiple-choice
  • numeric entry—filling numbers in boxes
  • multiple response—“clicking” on one or multiple ovals or boxes to choose an answer or answers to a single question

These questions cover a wide variety of skills in these four mathematical domains, in approximately these percentage rates:

Concept Area % of Test Questions
Number and Quantity 36%
Algebra and Geometry 32% (Algebra: 20%; Geometry: 12%)
Data Interpretation/Representation,
Statistics,and Probability

During the PRAXIS® Core Math test you will have access to a four-function calculator on the screen. You will also be given a geometry formula reference sheet, which can be viewed on page 13 of this reference.


On the PRAXIS® Core Reading test, you will be asked questions about one or more passages or documents. All of the questions are selected response type (multiple-choice). The questions come from these skill areas, in approximately these percentages:

Concept Area % of Test Questions
Key Ideas and Details 35%
Craft, Structure, and Language skills 30%
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 35%

For extensive details about this test, see this booklet which contains information and question examples.


The PRAXIS® Core Writing test has two parts: questions to answer in 40 minutes and two essays to write within 30 minutes each.

The content tested by the question section includes:

  • Usage
  • Sentence Correction
  • Revision in Context
  • Research Skills

There are two types of essays required for the essay section of the PRAXIS Core Writing test:

  • Argumentative Essay
  • Source-based Essay

Our practice questions will help you review for the questions section of this test and you can find out how your essays will be scored in our study guide for the PRAXIS Core Writing test.

We hope that our practice questions for the PRAXIS® Core test have helped you to feel more prepared for test day. We’d love to hear about your journey and about any additional ways we could help. Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Or shoot us an email at You can tell us how it went. Best of luck to you on your road toward teaching!