Question 37 - Writing Practice Test for the PRAXIS Test

What is the best way to rewrite sentence 4 of the attached passage, reproduced here?

“(4) A food counter, or thermopolium, was found by the excavators remarkably well-preserved.”

(1) Ever get hungry while you’re shopping? (2) While mall planners may have thought themselves quite clever in adding food courts to their shopping centers, it turns out that fast food counters in busy shopping areas is nothing new. (3) Archaeologists recently discovered an ancient “food court” of sorts, unearthed in the ruins of Pompeii, Italy. (4) A food counter, or thermopolium, was found by the excavators remarkably well-preserved. (5) These thermopolium were scattered throughout the Roman Empire. (6) More than 80 have been discovered in Pompeii alone.

(7) Decorated with vivid fresco paintings depicting the types of food probably sold by the vendor, these food counters offered food and drink to local shoppers. (8) It seems the snack stall may have served hot food out of terra cotta jars set into circular holes within the counter. (9) Ceramic jars and wine flasks have also been uncovered at the site. (10) So have bronze drinking bowls used to drink water. (11) Some remnants of that 2,000 year old food were also discovered, including snails, fish, pork, and beef.

(12) Romans aren’t the only ones who offered food stalls to hungry shoppers. (13) Evidence of ancient street food being sold in markets and bazaars have been found in Greece, Turkey, and China. (14) So next time you stop for a snack at your favorite mall eatery, just think of the history behind it.

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