Question 11 - Reading Practice Test for the PRAXIS Test

Is the author’s evidence in the attached passage relevant and sufficient for his argument?

“If only we could take the lead from Voltaire and simplify our lives, pull back from an ever-deepening dependency on materialism in order to pursue something far nobler – a sane life. In our postmodern age we are increasingly pushing ourselves into busy-ness, too much busy-ness that is harming our bodies, our minds and our planet. We need to slow down more, take time out to reflect on the important issues of life. We weren’t built for a 24 / 7 existence as if it was the only way of being in this world. There is simply too much preoccupation with ‘doing’ and not enough simply with ‘being.’ Part of this modern, hyper activity is, I suspect, evasion – an escape from confronting thoughts that could challenge us personally and the economic system we are involved with. If only we could give ourselves time, precious time to contemplate on this wondrous gift of life we have been given and the tremendous purpose we could serve in this world. A purpose that is large enough to embrace the wellbeing of the planet and all of its inhabitants.”

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