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Test Prep Blog for the PERT

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To Use “Lay” or “Lie”?

To Use “Lay” or “Lie”?

To lay or to lie—that is the question. While it may seem simple enough to select between lay or lie, it is a question that can easily plague people well into adulthood. This is due, in part, to the similarity between the verbs: they both seem to say exactly the same thing. What differs, though, is the person or thing displaying the action. Is it lay, or is it lie? The Basic Guidelines The Usage of the Word Lie The verb lie is defined as to recline. This particular verb, then, is only going to be used for people or subjects that are capable of reclining. A piece of paper, for instance, is...
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Formula List for the PERT Mathematics Test

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What Writing Skills Are Required on the PERT Test?

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What Kind of Reading Will I Have to Do on the PERT Test?

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