Is the PERT Test Hard?

Is the PERT Test Hard?

Close to 50 million students are enrolled in kindergarten through 12th-grade public schools in the United States. This means there are plenty of students all over the country preparing for statewide tests such as the SAT, ACT, and ASVAB. Students in the sunshine state also need to take Florida’s Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, more commonly referred to as the PERT.

What Is the PERT Test?

The PERT exam is the measuring stick for students in the state of Florida. The overall purpose of this exam is to gauge whether Florida students are prepared to graduate high school and continue their education at the next level. Students who pass this exam will have a better concept of how they will fare in college. Since the PERT exam went live in 2010, all schools in the state of Florida have adapted it as a necessary component of their curriculum.

What Does the PERT Exam Consist Of?

Before you engage in PERT test prep, you need to know more about the test itself. The PERT is a computer-adaptive exam that has three different sections, reading, writing, and mathematics. The test features 90 questions, with 30 questions for each section.

Understand How to Read Your Results

Rather than pass or fail grades, the PERT exam lets you know your current standing and capability. Once you get your test results, you will have an idea of your current level, which will help you fill out your college curriculum. This is not a tell-all about your educational capabilities, but a measuring stick to let you know what starting point to consider if you decide to take college courses.

While you can’t fail the PERT, it is important to take the test seriously. Failing to prepare may give you a score that doesn’t adequately capture your capabilities, placing you in college classes below your actual ability level– a waste of both your time and money.

Break Down of PERT Test Sections and Content

The reading section tests your ability to summarize the main idea of passages and to discern the information you’re reading so you can make knowledgeable assertions and conclusions. There are also questions that test your ability to find the meaning of different words or phrases. You will be tested on text structure, and asked questions about tone and the writer’s intent, as well as relations between different characters or ideas. In addition, the reading portion will measure your understanding of fact vs. opinion, and the ability to recognize and construct rhetorical arguments.

The writing section of the PERT tests your ability to choose a topic and support it with examples and reason. You will be asked to construct a written argument, starting with a strong thesis statement. The writing section will gauge your ability to communicate effectively in English with strong grammar and syntax. It will also assess how well you create and maintain a tone or style, communicate information gained from sources, and use data and examples to strengthen your argument. You will be graded for your creativity with vocabulary and word choices, so make sure you brush up on your writing skills before test day.

Finally, be aware of what you’ll be tested on in the mathematics section. Much of the math portion will test you on things like algebraic expressions and geometry. You will need to review information related to monomials, binomials, and polynomials. It will also test your grasp of linear equations, inequalities, and applying mathematical principles to different word problems.

It’s Not a Timed Test

You will have plenty of time to take the PERT exam. It’s not a timed test, so you can go through each section as you see fit. However, you can only do one question at a time, and you aren’t allowed to skip ahead by leaving incomplete questions and then circling back later. Unless you have special permission, everyone is required to complete the reading or writing sections first, and end with the math portion.

The Test Is Computerized

Keep in mind that this exam is fully computerized. While you can take practice tests on paper, in workbooks, and using scantron sheets, you should still take time to familiarize yourself with the computer format. This will help you prevent mistakes that happen because you’re confused about the layout.

You Can’t Bring Your Own Calculator

There are always rules to keep in mind when taking statewide exams. With Florida’s PERT exam, you’re not permitted to bring a calculator into the exam with you. Instead, you will be given a digital calculator that will pop up on the screen once you open your exam portal. This is what you will use to go through all of your calculations, and you’ll have a record of your work.

How Can You Prepare for the PERT Test?

While the PERT test can be difficult, you can do well if you put together some strategies to prepare for it. The more work you put into test prep, the better you’ll score, and the clearer picture you will have for your college education. Here are some of the things you can do to increase your chances of a good score:

Take Many Practice Exams

The best part about starting your exam prep early is that you will have plenty of opportunities to take practice exams. PERT practice tests from reliable sources often mirror the exact same types of questions you will see on the actual test. When you get the chance to tackle these sorts of questions time and time again, it gives you comfort and familiarity with the material you’ll encounter on test day. They can also help you identify areas you may be weak in, so you can focus your efforts in studying concepts you’ve yet to master.

Go Through Plenty of Flashcards

Active recall exercises are one of the best ways to prepare for an exam. When you use flashcards to study for the PERT, you force your brain to retrieve information, not just recognize it. Whether you’re short on time or really trying to commit information to memory, flashcards are a tried-and-true method for success.

Sleep and Eat Well Going Into the Exam

Go into your exam at your absolute best. The only way to assure this is by getting a good night’s sleep the night before and eating a quality breakfast the morning of. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, and make sure that you’re dressed comfortably in an outfit that allows for flexibility if the exam room is too hot or too cold.

Pass the PERT today!

While the PERT exam can be challenging, a little preparation can ensure you don’t waste time and money being recommended for a class below your true ability. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Our practice tests, study guides, flashcards, and lessons will help set you up for test day success. Sign up for a free account and get studying today!

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