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Whether you are taking the PERT as a Florida high school student or as part of Florida college enrollment, your time and money will be saved if you do your best. Take advantage of some quick study help with our FREE FLASHCARDS for the PERT and prepare to boost your scores! Accurate PERT scores will allow you to get any help you need, through remedial classes, but prevent you from spending time and/or money on reviewing material you really do know, but may have forgotten.

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Sections of the PERT


It’s easy to forget all those tricky little skills once you’ve finished a Math class. Here’s your chance to review some of them, quickly and easily, with these free PERT Math flashcards.

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Knowing how to do a lot of little things always helps. Enrich your vocabulary by using these flashcards, which include possible PERT selections. Then, when you are faced with a PERT reading passage, your comprehension will be greater and you’ll have a greater knowledge of word meanings for the definition questions.

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There are so many skills needed to become a good writer and lots of these are tested on the PERT. Reviewing these flashcards will give you hints and tips you can use to answer questions about written passages and sentence structure on the test.

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Now that you’ve enhanced your skills and knowledge with our flashcards, you’ll be better able to show those PERT folks what you really know! Best of luck finishing high school or entering college and be sure to check back here for help with any other standardized tests in your future. We’re here to help and we’d love feedback on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also drop us a line at