Free Practice Tests for the PERT

Do you need to take Florida’s Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)? You’re in luck! We offer free practice questions for the PERT to help you get ready for test day! Whether you need practice in reading, math, writing, or all three subjects, our practice test will help you pass the test—and get into the Florida college or university of your dreams!


The questions in the Math section of the PERT may be taken from basic algebra or geometry. They may also involve the math rules covering numeration, operations, exponents, prime numbers, and percents.

The 30 questions in the Math section of the PERT are untimed.


The PERT Reading section requires you to answer questions about passages you read. The questions may be about the main idea of the passage, or about the meaning of words used in it. You may have to compare two passages or determine the author’s purpose in writing the passage. There may also be questions about characters, writing style, and fact versus opinion.

The 30 questions in the Reading section of the PERT are untimed.


You need to be familiar with general writing conventions and rules, such as those for punctuation, capitalization, verb agreement, appropriate word forms, and correct tense usage. Studying word order, adherence to a topic, and paragraph structure will also help you achieve a better score on the PERT Writing section.

The 30 questions in the Writing section of the PERT are untimed.

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