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Free Study Guides for the ParaPro Assessment

The first step in studying for any test is knowing what’s on it. Our free study guides for the ParaPro Assessment will give you an outline of test content to help you prepare. Then, you can use our practice tests and flashcards to check out your level of knowledge and skills.


It is important for paraprofessionals to have current math skills and knowledge to work with students in a math classroom. It may have been several years since you were the student in such a classroom, so your skills may be rather fuzzy. This study guide will help you prepare for the ParaPro Assessment by reviewing the specific math skills covered on the test. You are encouraged to seek additional help and practice if any of these seem difficult.


Assisting with reading instruction can involve not only knowing reading strategies, but determining when to use them and being able to explain them to students. Use this study guide to help you review things you know, as well as to translate this knowledge into helpful techniques to use with students.


The Writing section of the ParaPro Assessment assesses a person’s ability to coach students through the process of writing—from planning to final editing. This study guide will tell you what you need to know before testing and the types of things with which you’ll be expected to assist in the classroom.

We hope our study guides have helped you channel your study time in worthwhile directions and that you feel well-prepared to try our practice tests, flashcards, and the real test. Let us know how it goes by reaching out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. We’d also love an email from you at