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Free Practice Tests for the ParaPro Assessment

The ParaPro Assessment will likely involve recalling knowledge and skills you haven’t used in a while, so it will help to practice before the test. Use our free practice tests for the ParaPro Assessment to see how much you remember and in which areas you need more work. Then you can approach test day with confidence!


There is no advanced level mathematics vocabulary on this test, but the Mathematics section of the ParaPro Assessment does require you to have and apply skills and knowledge in three basic areas of math. Number sense and algebra questions entail being fluent in all four basic operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. You’ll need to know the basics of exponent use, number sequences, estimation, percentages, and place value. It will also be necessary to navigate word problems, percentages, and problems requiring estimation. Geometry and measurement questions will test your ability to work with the properties and measurements of shapes, graphs on the coordinate plane, and the units involved in each problem, including their conversion. Finally, the data analysis questions determine if you can work with and derive meaning from graphs, charts, and tables, including trends and the mean, median, and mode of data.


There are two purposes for the Reading portion of the ParaPro Assessment: to see if you have the knowledge and skills in reading that are needed to be a good reader and to determine if you can apply them to help students with reading tasks in the classroom. The content of this section includes the basics of word recognition and analysis, comprehension strategies, and best reading practices derived from foundations of reading and tools of the reading process.


The Writing section of the ParaPro Assessment will assess your knowledge of all parts of the writing process. You will be asked to spot errors in the areas of grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling. Some questions may require you to locate sentence parts, like subject and verb/predicate. About one-third of the questions require you to apply this knowledge to assist students in the actual process of writing, including all of the steps from prewriting activities to editing. You will also need to know the various writing purposes and styles.

Now that you’ve been through our practice tests for the ParaPro Assessment, you should feel more ready for the real thing. Please let us know how it goes for you and any other ways we can help. Reach us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Or drop us an email at Best of luck showing all you know!