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Free Flashcards for the ParaPro Assessment

Sometimes it’s the little terms and procedures that stand in the way of you understanding the questions on a test and finding the correct answer. The purpose of our free flashcards for the ParaPro Assessment is to remove that barrier and let you proceed to show all that you know. Use them to supplement your study for the ParaPro Assessment and be truly ready on test day!


Often, answering a math question correctly depends on your knowledge of the terms used and these flashcards can help you review some of the most important ones for this test. Use them as another tool, along with our study guide and practice questions as you prepare for the ParaPro Assessment.


Before taking the ParaPro test, be sure you know the important terms related to the teaching of reading. Practice with these flashcards and jog your memory of some concepts you may not have dealt with since you were in school.


It’s hard to recall the many writing guidelines you learned in school and there is new information to keep up with, too. These flashcards will help you solidify the knowledge and skills needed to help students in a writing classroom and help you prepare for the ParaPro Assessment.

We certainly hope that these flashcards have been a helpful part of your ParaPro Assessment preparation. Let us know about your experience with them and how the whole testing process went for you. We can be reached through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as through email at We’d love to hear from you!