Reading on the ParaPro Assessment

Reading on the ParaPro Assessment

What Is the ParaPro Test?

The ParaPro test is an exam delivered to education professionals who seek professional licensing to work as a teaching assistant or in a similar position. The Reading section of this particular test contains primarily multiple-choice questions and covers many topics, ranging from how to effectively deliver reading-related questions to students to the practical application of vocabulary, comprehension, and an author’s organization of a passage. The reading portion of the test has 30 questions and accounts for \(\frac{1}{3}\) of the overall weight of your score.

Knowledge and Strategies

While many assessments focus on knowledge alone, the Reading section of the ParaPro test requires you to have a working knowledge of both the material you might cover in class (knowledge—\(\frac{2}{3}\) of the questions) and strategies used in the classroom to teach and encourage reading and reading comprehension (\(\frac{1}{3}\) of the questions). One question, for instance, might require you to identify the meaning of a certain passage, while another may ask you how to effectively follow up a reading lesson in a classroom.

What to Study: Knowledge

To prepare for the ParaPro reading assessment, study vocabulary, sentence structure, and paragraph organization, as well as the practical application and follow-up of these principles. Practice reading graphs, charts, and tables. Take paragraphs from a variety of places, and practice identifying the main idea, facts versus opinions, supporting details, inferences, and determining the meaning of words based on context clues.

What to Study: Strategies

To prepare for test questions involving teaching, practice skimming, learning vocabulary and parts of a sentence, breaking down instructions, and identifying basic vocabulary words. These questions will not only assess your knowledge, but will also examine your ability to effectively relay information to students and help them process and synthesize written information.

Study Resources for the ParaPro

It’s always good to practice using both the tested content and the style of a test. We have you covered there! Union Test Prep has complete preparation for the ParaPro Assessment.

For specific help with the reading portion of the ParaPro test, check out these resources:

And, for just some good info about critical reading and a chance to hone your skills, we also have critical reading and literary terms sections in our English Basics Test that should really round out your competency:

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