Question 7 - Reading Practice Test for the ParaPro Assessment

Which of these sentences from the text is an example of an opinion?

Dropout rates among high school students continue to be a worry for school districts, policy makers, and concerned citizens. Many students who drop out before they graduate with their diploma claim it is because they must work in order to support their family and help to pay the bills. Indeed, with unemployment rates high and job opportunities scarce, it seems everyone must contribute what they can to run a household these days. One way to address this very real problem is to pay students to attend school.

When students whine and complain about having to attend school, parents often equate school to a job. It is the student’s job to attend school in the same way that it is the parent’s responsibility to go to work. However, parents get paid for their attendance at work while students receive no monetary compensation for attending school. Could we decrease dropout rates if we paid students to go to school?

Supporters say yes. Paying students to attend school negates the need for them to dropout in order to work a minimum wage job to help contribute to household bills. And with fewer dropouts and more people earning their diplomas, students are better prepared to attend college or trade school to continue their education and end up in higher-paying jobs. Paying students for going to school is a great idea and school districts should really consider doing it.

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