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So, if there are a million words that start with “p”, how are you ever supposed to remember which one is a drug and which one is a medical instrument? Some things just have to be memorized and our free flashcards for medical assistant tests can help! Use them in conjunction with our practice questions and hone your medical assistant vocabulary skills.

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Sections of the Medical Assistant test

Anatomy and Physiology

You’ll need to know lots of medical terms to do well on the anatomy and physiology questions on a medical assistant test. These Anatomy and Physiology flashcards will help you review some of those that could confuse you. Like, what is the difference between endocrine and epidemic? Use all of our resources, including these flashcards, and you’ll know this!

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Diagnostic Tests

Questions on a medical assistant test about diagnostic procedures can cover anything from how to perform the procedure to the labeling of specimens. Be sure you know all the appropriate terms by studying with these Diagnostic Tests flashcards.

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Financial Management and Insurance

When it comes to dealing with the financial and insurance aspects of medical office management, the various terms used can become overwhelming. Practice knowing and using the terminology required by accessing these Financial Management and Insurance flashcards as you study.

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Law and Ethics

Just what are your legal responsibilities when working as a medical assistant? You can use these Law and Ethics flashcards to review terms and procedures before tackling the Law and Ethics questions on the NCMA test and learn all about the legal stuff!

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Medical Office Management

Helping to keep a medical office running can require knowledge in a variety of areas, including managing records and structuring time and schedules. Become familiar with some of the necessary terms and procedures by using these Medical Office Management flashcards as part of your study plan.

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Medical Procedures

There is a lot of content covered on a medical assistant test that requires knowledge of terms. These terms often have similar names and can be confusing. Check out these Medical Procedures flashcards to help you differentiate among them and really understand what is needed during procedures, from tools to safety precautions.

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The numerous drug names, administration routes, and other procedures involved in pharmacology can really be confusing! Review some of the most commonly-used terms with these Pharmacology flashcards and feel more confident when you take a medical assistant certification test.

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So, you’re not afraid to draw blood, but what kinds of things do you need to remember in order to do it safely and according to regulations? We’ll help you out with these Phlebotomy flashcards. They’ll help you review things involved with Phlebotomy and be prepared for these types of questions on the NCMA test.

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Psychology and Communication

There are many terms associated with psychology and communication that will become important to you as a medical assistant. Check out these Psychology and Communication flashcards to supplement your study of this area in preparation for a medical assistant test. It’s a great way to commit some of those words to memory and to remember what they mean!

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