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Free Study Guides for the Medical Assistant test

Preparing for a medical assistant certification test can be overwhelming. You learned so much during your training… where do you even start? Well, we have researched the four main medical assistant tests available and we list the skills tested on all of them in our free study guides for medical assistant tests. So, take a look and get started refreshing your memory and heading toward a great score!

Anatomy and Physiology

The subject areas of anatomy and physiology cover a lot of ground. Just what do you need to know in preparation for a medical assistant test? Check out this study guide to help you review terms and topics and create a solid study plan, using additional resources, when necessary, to ensure complete understanding.

Diagnostic Tests

The list of diagnostic tests performed today is quite lengthy. This study guide will give you an idea of what tests are covered in typical medical assistant test questions and what details you’ll need to know. Use this guide as an outline for your study and be sure to look for additional information on each concept.

Financial Management and Insurance

This study guide will direct you to the most important concepts included in the financial management of a medical office, including legal concepts and those that pertain to insurance. Be sure to study all of the terms listed and seek more information if there are any with which you are not comfortable.

Law and Ethics

Law and Ethics encompasses a huge field of knowledge. You only have to know particular parts of this to do well on a medical assistant test. Find out exactly what you need to study by using this study guide as a reference. It will also help you determine what you already know and define in what areas you still need to study.

Medical Office Management

This study guide will help prepare you to answer questions on a medical assistant test that deal with office management. Review the topics and information listed here and seek further information about any you don’t fully understand. Any medical assistant test will contain items related to these best practices in a healthcare office.

Medical Procedures

The medical assistant is one of the first people to interact with patients. He or she records basic patient data and often assists the practitioner with office procedures and minor surgery. There is a lot to know if you are to do well on questions about medical procedures and this study guide will give you an outline of what you need to study.


Since prescription drugs often play a large role in healing and health maintenance, it is important for anyone in a healthcare profession to have at least basic knowledge of commonly used drugs. You also need to know about the regulations concerning these drugs and your role in the prescription process. Use this study guide as an outline to review pharmacology concepts before taking a medical assistant test.


Phlebotomy is all about the sampling and testing of blood. As a medical assistant, you should know the basics and this study guide will give you an outline of what to study, as well as a few fundamental definitions. Use it to guide your preparation in the area of blood drawing for a medical assistant test.

Psychology and Communication

Dealing with the public can be very rewarding, but it can also be a challenge, especially when you add the stress that a medical situation may induce. It helps to know what you can do to make the process more smooth and produce a better outcome for all involved. The medical assistant test includes questions about human behavior and communication, so we hope this study guide will help you know what to study in these topic areas.

We hope our study guides have helped you prepare for the medical assistant test you have chosen. It would be great to hear about your experience and hear your thoughts about ways we can assist even more. So, please let us know through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. If you prefer, you can also send an email to us at Our very best of luck to you on test day!