Flashcard 14 - Measurement Flashcard Set for the Math Basics


The correct answer is:



You know that \(1,000 \; \text{meters} = 1\; \text{kilometer}\) and \(1 \; \text{mile} = 1.61 \; \text{kilometers}\), so convert meters to kilometers and then to miles. You can do this in one step using dimensional analysis. Here’s an example converting 2300 meters to miles:

\[\require{cancel}\] \[\dfrac{2300 \cancel{\text{ m}}}{1} \cdot \dfrac{1 \cancel{\text{ km}}}{1000 \cancel{\text{ m}}} \cdot \dfrac{ 1 \text{ mi}}{1.61 \cancel{\text{ km}}} = \dfrac{x \text{ mi}}{1}\] \[\dfrac{2300 \cdot 1 \cdot 1 \text{ mi}}{1 \cdot 1000 \cdot 1.61} = \dfrac{2300 \text{ mi}}{1,610} = 1.43 \text{ mi}\]

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