Flashcard 13 - Measurement Flashcard Set for the Math Basics


The correct answer is:

dimensional analysis


Here’s an example: Convert 200 grams to kilograms:

\[\dfrac{200 \text{ g}}{1} \cdot \text{?} = x \text{ kg}\] \[\require{cancel}\] \[\dfrac{200 \cancel{\text{ g}}}{1} \cdot \dfrac{1 \text{ kg}}{1,000 \cancel{\text{ g}}} = x \text{ kg}\] \[\dfrac{200 \cdot 1 \text{ kg}}{1 \cdot 1,000} =x \text{ kg}\] \[\dfrac{200 \text{ kg}}{1000} =\dfrac{0.2 \text{ kg}}{1} =0.2 \text{ kg}\]

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