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Free Study Guides for the ISEE

The ISEE is an assessment of all those things you have learned in school over a number of years, so you can’t really cram for it and get a better score. Knowing what content to expect, however, may help you feel more at ease. Our free study guides for the ISEE can help you do this by outlining the subject matter and skills that will be tested.


It may be tempting to think that the Essay section of the ISEE is less important than the other four sections because it is not scored, but beware. Your essay may not have a score on it, but it will be forwarded with your scores to the school to which you apply. Officials there will go over it as the only example they have of your ability to write. Be sure to go through our study guide so you will know on what standards school officials will be judging!

Mathematics Achievement

This is the math section of the ISEE where calculations are involved. You’ll also need to know mathematical terms. While you will not need to know measurement unit conversions (they will be provided in the question), you will need to be able to convert metric units within a unit type, such as meters to millimeters, etc. Check out this study guide for an idea of the concepts covered on this test.

Quantitative Reasoning

This is the math part of the ISEE that evaluates your math reasoning ability. It’s not so much about how well you calculate, but how good you are at thinking about math. This study guide can help you review some tools to use during those thought processes.

Reading Comprehension

Since the ISEE is mainly a test of all the stuff you’ve learned in school so far, it’s hard to outline what you’ll need to know. So, we hit the high spots in this study guide to give you an idea of some of the concepts and skills you might see on the Reading Comprehension section. We hope this will make you feel more comfortable on test day!

Verbal Reasoning

While it would be impossible to review all of the concepts you have studied during your years in school, it will help to become familiar with the types of content you might see on the ISEE. This study guide will help you practice some supportive skills to use when taking the ISEE Verbal Reasoning section.

As you are wrapping up your review for the ISEE, we hope you have found our study guides helpful in the process. Please share your experience through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’d love to have your feedback on our study materials and wish you the absolute best in all of your future educational endeavors! Drop us a note at