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Free Practice Tests for the ISEE

So, you are applying for admission to an independent school and part of that process is taking the ISEE. You’ll be more likely to score in line with your abilities if you know a little bit about this test and feel comfortable with its format. Use our free practice test for the ISEE for a preview of the test day experience.


In this section of the ISEE, you will be given a prompt and directed to write an essay responding to that prompt. The prompts vary, but each is designed around things that should be familiar and relevant to a person of your age. You will not be given a score on this writing assignment, but a copy of your essay will be enclosed in your test report when it is sent to your chosen school.

Even though it is not scored, your essay will be reviewed as part of your school application, so you’ll want it to show your best work. While there are no multiple choice questions on the essay portion of the ISEE, you can review important points about completing your essay by using our ISEE Essay practice questions.

Mathematics Achievement

In this ISEE section, you will be asked to solve a mathematical problem that represents a national mathematics standard recommended for your level of study. The problem may require a several-step process and calculation.

Quantitative Reasoning

This section of the ISEE assesses your ability to “think through” math problems and find a reasonable answer. There is not a great deal of calculation involved in either of the two question types. You will see both word problems and quantitative comparison items in this section. To answer the quantitative comparison questions, you must decide which of two quantities is greater, if the two are equal, or if there is not enough information given for a decision to be made.

Reading Comprehension

This section contains reading passages and questions about these passages. The reading material includes a variety of topics, including those from history, science, current life, and the arts. The subject matter represented should be of high interest to students of your age.

Verbal Reasoning

This section contains two types of questions that assess your ability to understand words and their meanings, alone and when used in a sentence. The first question type asks you to find the word that is closest in meaning to a given word. The second type of question requires you to choose the word or words that best complete a given sentence.

We hope our practice test for the ISEE has helped you feel more at ease as you prepare to take the test. Our best wishes go with you on test day and in all your academic adventures. Please let us know about your experience through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. You can also reach us by sending a note to