Question 36 - Language Arts: Writing Practice Test for the HiSET Test

Choose the best way to rewrite the underlined portion of sentence 36 in the attached passage.

[Para. 1]
Oral tradition is the passing down of knowledge, beliefs, stories, and ideas from one generation to the next through speech or song. The problem with oral tradition is that the stories may become lost if they are not retold or recorded in writing.

[Para. 2]
(35) So me and my family was thinking it was time to start keeping a record of our family history and traditions. Our family is diverse and our traditions are a little quirky. (36) We wanted to make sure it was recorded before they were lost forever.

[Para. 3]
Oral history and traditions are important to get a sense of one’s history. (37) As the older generations begin to die off, it is important to capture their memories and stories before it is too late. (38) We started by interviewing my grandparents to hear their stories of what life was like growing up. (39) We listened to stories of dancing to the music of the 1950’s and the conflict the Vietnam war brought to communities across America. (40) They also told stories of their parents, who came from immigrant families who had fled a troubled Europe to settle in America. (41) My great-grandparents were brought up very differently from grandparents as they had experienced the Great Depression and World War II. (42) They knew the deprivation of war-time and the fear that comes with it and they had had to work really hard to survive in desperate times. (43) Despite the struggles, my great-grandparents never lost hope that if they worked hard and stayed focused that they would be successful and would eventually achieve their dreams to own their own home one day.

[Para. 4]
We spent several hours one weekend talking and sharing stories. We recorded our conversations so they could be written out later. (44) It was really nice to listen to stories of what life used to be like and how much adversity my relatives overcame. (45) It was inspiring to hear their stories and to know that my family is made up of fighters who can beat the odds and who will perservere to achieve their American Dream.

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