Question 30 - Language Arts: Writing Practice Test for the HiSET Test

Choose the best way to rewrite sentence 30, underlined in the attached passage.

(28) Dear City Council Members

[Para. 1]
(29) I am writing to request that you consider increasing neighborhood access to designated, protected bike paths and make this place a more bike-friendly place in which to live in.</u>

[Para. 2]
(30) For to long, citizens of this city have had to take their lives into their own hands if they want to ride a bike in their neighborhood. (31) With cars whizzing by and having to dodge pedestrians, to ride a bike around here can be a very dangerous activity so just painting some lines along the side of the road and calling that a “bike path” is inadequate. (32) We need clearly marked and protected bike lanes to help riders feel more safer; its not safe for them to share the street with cars.

[Para. 3]
As the city council you should be promoting bike riding as part of building a healthier and safer community. There are many benefits to bike riding. (33A) First, it is good physical exercise. (33B) Also, it is a less-polluting mode of transportation and cheaper than owning a car, too. (33C) Riding a bike reduces the number of cars on the road, which decreases the amount of wear and tear on our roadways. (33D) They can also increase business traffic to places that might be difficult to access with a car because of traffic or parking issues.

[Para. 4]
Sure, adding new bike paths will cost the city some money, but it will cost more money in healthcare if we don’t encourage people to get out and exercise and make it easier and safer for them to do so.

[Para. 5]
I hope you’ll take this suggestion under advisement and consider adding some designated bike paths to our city.

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