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So many terms, so little time! Refresh your memory of some of the commonly confused terms related to emergency medical care with our free EMT test flashcards! Use them in conjunction with our practice tests and study guides as a framework for your test preparation. Our flashcards should help you commit some of those “words you need to know” to memory.

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Sections of the EMT Test

Airway, Respiration, and Ventilation

One major part of many emergencies involves a patient who is having trouble breathing. Questions about this area of health require you to know the anatomy and physiology of the body’s respiratory system, as well as how to care for people with all sorts of breathing issues. These flashcards provide a quick review of some of the major terms and procedures involved in this care.

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Cardiology and Resuscitation

An EMT must be thoroughly familiar with all terms used in cardiology and resuscitation as they relate to emergency care. Your knowledge and skill will be key to positive patient outcomes. Use these flashcards to review some important vocabulary before taking the EMT exam.

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EMS Operations

In an emergency situation, it is important to be fluent with the terminology used regarding operations. There is no time to fumble for the meaning of a quick command or a hastily uttered term when your goal is life-saving. Practice using your knowledge of EMS Operations terms by checking out these flashcards and honing your skills before the test!

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Medical and Obstetrics/Gynecology

In the field, emergencies frequently include victims of chronic or sudden medical conditions, such as seizures or stroke. Occasionally, the emergency may be one of an obstetrical or gynecological nature. These flashcards give you the opportunity to review some of the terms and symptoms involved in such emergencies, in preparation for the EMT test.

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Being able to differentiate among the many terms used to describe trauma emergencies will not only help you score well on the EMT test, it will make you a more thorough and competent EMS worker. Use our flashcards to review some of the important vocabulary involved in trauma treatment.

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