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EMS Operations

15 topics

  1. Basic Incident Management
  2. Communication and Documentation
  3. Emotional Health
  4. EMS Components: Part 1
  5. EMS Components: Part 2
  6. EMS Teamwork
  7. EMT Health and Wellness
  8. History, Training, and Licensure of EMS
  9. Lifting and Moving Patients
  10. Medical, Legal, and Ethical Concerns
  11. Patient Assessment
  12. Post-Patient Delivery and Other Topics
  13. Scene Safety
  14. Special Rescue Situations
  15. Transport: Vehicle Design and Call Phases

Medical and Obstetrics/Gynecology

25 topics

  1. Types of Medical Emergencies
  2. Assessments
  3. Patient Management and Transport
  4. Infectious Diseases and Global Issues
  5. Body Systems: Part 1
  6. Human Development
  7. Neurological Emergencies
  8. Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
  9. Immunologic Emergencies
  10. Toxicology
  11. Psychiatric Emergencies: Types
  12. Medical Terminology
  13. Psychiatric Emergencies: Guidelines
  14. Body Systems: Part 2
  15. Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies
  16. Pharmacology: Part 1—Medication
  17. Pharmacology: Part 1—Administration
  18. Gynecological Emergencies: Pregnancy
  19. Gynecological Emergencies: Delivery
  20. Treating Pediatric Patients
  21. Pediatric Emergencies by System
  22. Other Pediatric Emergencies
  23. Geriatric Emergencies by Type
  24. Geriatric Patient Characteristics
  25. Geriatric Patient Assessment and Treatment


20 topics

  1. Trauma: Basic Types
  2. Internal Bleeding
  3. External Bleeding
  4. Burns
  5. Face and Neck Injuries: Part 2
  6. Spine Injuries
  7. Chest Injuries
  8. Abdominal Injuries
  9. Genitourinary Injuries
  10. Environmental Injuries: Heat Exposure
  11. Environmental Injuries: Cold Exposure
  12. Drowning and Diving Injuries
  13. Other Environmental Dangers
  14. Shock: Basic Facts
  15. Other Trauma Concepts
  16. Soft Tissue Injuries
  17. Face and Neck Injuries: Part 1
  18. Head Injuries
  19. Orthopedic Injuries
  20. Shock: Treatment

Airway, Respiration, and Ventilation

15 topics

  1. Airway Adjuncts and Maintaining the Airway
  2. Anatomy of the Respiratory System
  3. Artificial and Assisted Ventilation/CPAP
  4. Opening the Airway
  5. Patient Assessment
  6. Physiology of the Respiratory System
  7. Respiration Pathophysiology: Part 1
  8. Respiration Pathophysiology: Part 2
  9. Respiratory Emergencies: Part 1
  10. Respiratory Emergencies: Part 2
  11. Respiratory Emergencies: Part 3
  12. Special Respiratory Issues
  13. Suctioning
  14. Supplemental Oxygen
  15. Treatment of Respiratory Emergencies

Cardiology and Resuscitation

15 topics

  1. Airway Concerns
  2. Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System
  3. Automated External Defibrillator
  4. Basic Life Support (BLS)
  5. Cardiac Arrest Care
  6. Circulation Devices
  7. CPR Basics
  8. CPR Guidelines
  9. Other Cardiac Treatment Concepts
  10. Other Resuscitation Concepts
  11. Pathophysiology of the Cardiovascular System
  12. Patient Assessment for Cardiac Emergencies
  13. Patient Care During CPR
  14. Surgical Heart Patients and Assistive Devices
  15. Treatment and Monitoring of Chest Pain

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