Free Study Guides for the CompTIA® A+ exam

Whether it’s terms or procedures you need to know, our free study guides for the CompTIA A+ will help guide you through the study process for your certification test. The test is changing all the time, but our study guides will give you a rough framework within which to study. Then, you can access additional materials on those topics and reports of new development in the field. At least you’ll know where to start!

901 Hardware

This study guide focuses on the Hardware components of the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. It can serve as a supporting resource to aid you in mastering the content of Section 1.0 of the exam blueprint and point you in the direction of additional study for Hardware-related questions on the test.

901 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Being able to identify and recommend solutions for issues involving hardware and networks is a big part of IT work and this is covered thoroughly on the CompTIA A+ 901 test. Here is a guide to inform your studies in this area, so you’ll be confident about your knowledge of this type of troubleshooting on test day!

901 Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are occupying an increasing percentage of the digital market these days. There is much to be learned about their operation and the equipment involved in it. Use this study guide to find out what you need to know to ace the mobile device questions on the CompTIA A+ exam.

901 Networking

The networking aspect of IT is crucial and it can be quite involved. There is an enormous amount of content and it might be hard to know just what to study. This study guide should help you focus on the important things that will be covered in networking questions on the CompTIA A+ exam.

902 Operational Procedures

A great deal is involved in the operational procedures area of IT. Complicating this is the added stress when systems fail to work properly and tasks are interrupted. Use this guide to learn what you need to know about dealing effectively with equipment and customers while attempting to restore their systems to optimal performance.

902 Other Operating Systems and Technologies

Computer language and procedures can vary quite a bit among operating systems and technologies. While there are more questions about Windows operating systems on the CompTIA A+ exam, about 12% of the items on the 902 test involve non-Windows technologies and systems, particularly Linux and OS X. Use this study guide to help you know what aspects of these systems to review before test day!

902 Security

Security is a main concern in the IT industry and questions on the CompTIA A+ certification test will reflect this. Use this study guide to find out what you already know and what you need to review before taking the test.

902 Software Troubleshooting

Software is an integral part of any computer system, but, when things go wrong, it can seem worthless. Find out what you need to know about restoring software usefulness before you take the CompTIA A+ 902 exam. This study guide outlines the terms and procedures that are likely to be on the test.

902 Windows Operating Systems

There is a lot to know about Windows Operating Systems if you are to do well on the CompTIA A+ certification test. While we can’t provide you with a source for all of that knowledge, this study guide can help you know what to study in preparation for the test. Take a look through it and see where you may need to seek other resources for further explanation of terms and processes.

Hopefully, our study guides for the CompTIA A+ have provided a basic outline for your test preparation. Now, go get that score that will certify you as a knowledgeable person in information technology. And please let us know how you do and how our materials have helped or could be improved. We really want to know! Reach us through Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. We also look for email at