Free Practice Tests for the CompTIA® A+ exam

In the ever-expanding field of information technology, it will pay even more to know your stuff! Getting that CompTIA A+ certification is a great first step and our free practice questions can help you toward a better score. You’ll find out just what you know already and in which areas you may need more practice.

901 Hardware

An average of 34% of the questions on the CompTIA A+ 901 test involve concepts in this area of IT. Some of them will be “performance-based” items that begin with “Given a scenario…” and go on to portray a certain situation. You will be asked to apply your knowledge to that situation and choose the correct answer. The questions in this section all revolve around the hardware of a technology system, including use, care, and management to meet customer needs. Included, also, are questions about configuration, a variety of devices, and printing.

901 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Questions about troubleshooting will account for 28% of the CompTIA A+ 901 exam and will generally be performance-based items. In these questions, you will be given a scenario, or situation, in which there is some sort of problem regarding hardware or the network. You will be asked to determine the solution from the given information combined with your IT knowledge. The questions will cover all sorts of hardware and also require knowledge of the proper tools to use in remedying the problems.

901 Mobile Devices

Questions about mobile devices will occupy about 17% of the CompTIA A+ 901 test. It is important to not only know the differences among the various devices, but to also be able to answer questions about configuration, features, and accessories. Performance-based questions will be included in this question category.

901 Networking

Of the questions on the CompTIA A+ 901 exam, about 21% of them will concern network issues and components. You will need to know the use for and makeup of many types of cables and other devices used in networks. There will be performance-based questions on these topics, where you will be given a situation and recall specific knowledge to find the answer.

902 Operational Procedures

Approximately 13% of the questions on the CompTIA A+ 902 certification test relate to procedures of operation. Some of them give you a situation to address and others require you to summarize a process. There will be items concerning privacy, licensing, and policy. Also included are matters of aligning corporate policy with procedures and communicating professionally within the IT environment.

902 Other Operating Systems and Technologies

Because Windows is not the only operating system in wide use today, you will also be required to know the ins and outs of Mac OS and Linux systems. Some of the topics covered in this 12% of the questions on the 902 exam deal with client-side virtualization, cloud concepts, networking, and mobile devices.

902 Security

Always a hot issue, variables in providing system security provide the content for 22% of the questions on the CompTIA A+ 902 test. You need to be able to address threats and vulnerabilities, as well as the prevention of breaches. Topics such as basic security settings and daily best practices, including those for mobile devices and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) wireless and wired networks.

902 Software Troubleshooting

About 24% of the questions on the 902 exam concern finding and fixing problems with software. These issues may be related to applications or security and require you to apply both appropriate tools and a regimen of best practices. These questions will likely begin with “Given a scenario…,” and then you will have to seek the correct solution among the answer choices.

902 Windows Operating Systems

On the CompTIA A+ exam, about 29% of the questions will concern Windows Operating Systems. These items will require knowledge of all of the currently used systems, from Vista to 8.1. You will need to know about installation, command line tools, system features, and control panel utilities. Also important are skills that apply to networking and preventive maintenance. Some questions require you to formulate a solution when given a troublesome situation.

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