Free Flashcards for the CompTIA® A+ exam

There are all sorts of acronyms and component names involved in the IT field and many of these can be confusing. Check out our free flashcards for the CompTIA A+ and refresh your memory so you won’t be confused on test day. They provide a valuable way to boost your IT vocabulary.

901 Hardware

The CompTIA A+ certification test questions assume that you know the meaning of various terms and acronyms related to computer hardware. Solidify your knowledge of these by using our flashcards and don’t let a few letters or an unknown term stump you on test day!

901 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

The acronyms and commands involved in hardware and networks can be confusing. Use these flashcards to help you make sense of it all. Know the meaning and use of a variety of terms before taking the CompTIA A+ test and ace it the first time!

901 Mobile Devices

Just as there are specific terms relating to technology in the office, there are additional terms and concepts that relate specifically to mobile devices. Use these flashcards to supplement your study of these devices in preparation for the CompTIA A+ certification test. They’ll help hone your vocabulary skills in this area.

901 Networking

Besides knowing pieces of equipment, you need to know procedures for networking those components and there are quite a few terms involved in this. Use these flashcards to firm up your networking vocabulary before the CompTIA A+ certification test!

902 Operational Procedures

As an IT professional, you need to be really well-versed in all of the applicable terms and procedures. Clients will look to you to explain things in simple terms and, to do that, you need to thoroughly understand the material yourself. Use these flashcards to refine your knowledge of the regulations and vocabulary necessary to provide good IT support.

902 Other Operating Systems and Technologies

There are many differences between Windows operating systems and others, such as Linux and OSX. For practice with terms and procedures unique to these systems, utilize these flashcards to jog your memory or let you know in what areas you still need to study before test day!

902 Security

Security is a huge issue in the technological age. Instant communication and data storage are wonderful, but there must be a system of securing messages and data in order to protect businesses and individuals. Study these flashcards to review some of the terms and concepts related to security in an Internet age.

902 Software Troubleshooting

There are many “quick tools” and procedures to remedy problems with software. Here are some flashcards to help you review some of the most helpful ones. Using these cards will help you prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification Test questions concerning software troubleshooting.

902 Windows Operating Systems

Being able to work with Windows Operating Systems involves knowing the meaning of quite a few terms and acronyms. These flashcards can get you started on the process of committing the understanding of them to memory. We hope they will be a useful part of your study experience in preparation for the CompTIA A+ test!

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