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Doing poorly on the ASVAB might mean missing out on the military job that you really want—and maybe not getting in the military at all. If you’re stressed about taking the ASVAB, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Our free study guides for the ASVAB will give you an overview of the concepts you need to know and will help you pinpoint the areas you should spend your time studying. From Arithmetic Reasoning to Word Knowledge and every subject in between, our study guides, practice tests, and flashcards for the ASVAB will help you get the ASVAB score that you need!

Table of Contents

Sections of the ASVAB

Arithmetic Reasoning

The questions in the ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning section will ask you to solve basic arithmetic problems that are presented in “word problem” form. You will need to take mathematical information (numbers, relationships, etc.) and create an arithmetic problem, and then solve it to find the correct answer.

Our study guide will help you review many of the skills and concepts necessary to be successful in this portion of the ASVAB. If you encounter a topic here that gives you trouble, you will know that you need to seek extra practice through math workbooks and/or some of the many online math practice sites. A good starting place for learning basic math concepts is our Math Basics study material.

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Assembling Objects

The Assembling Objects section of the ASVAB tests your ability to visualize and understand the relationship between different shapes and figures. This isn’t just about recognizing patterns, but also about discerning subtle differences and seeing how various components can fit together. Our study guide is tailored to refine these specific skills. You’ll discover strategies to sharpen your observational prowess, learn techniques to differentiate between seemingly identical objects, and gain insights on how to tackle questions efficiently. Dive in to equip yourself with the tools needed to ace this challenging section.

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Auto and Shop Information

Our study guide meticulously breaks down the Auto and Shop section of the ASVAB, covering all the essential areas from tool identification to basic car maintenance and repair. With clear explanations of complex topics, it’s designed to build your confidence and knowledge base. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a complete beginner, our Auto and Shop study guide is tailored to provide you with the tools you need to excel on this section of the ASVAB.

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Electronics Information

Just how much electronics knowledge do you need to ace this section of the ASVAB? Find the answer to this question by using our Electronics Information study guide. You’ll find out what’s on the test and get a good outline of what to study!

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General Science

Our General Science study guide goes beyond just reviewing the facts - it helps you understand the underlying concepts and principles that make up the foundation of the scientific disciplines tested in the ASVAB. It covers areas ranging from basic physics and chemistry to biology and earth science, consolidating all the necessary information in a concise and easy-to-understand format. With our guide, you’ll be equipped with the insights and comprehension necessary to distinguish between the right and wrong answers. Used in combination with our General Science practice questions, you can confidently approach the General Science section of the ASVAB, fully prepared and ready to succeed.

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Mathematics Knowledge

You may have had all of those math terms floating around in your head while you were taking the actual classes, but can you remember them now? Check out what you need to study while preparing for this section of the ASVAB by using our Mathematics Knowledge study guide.

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Mechanical Comprehension

The topic of Mechanics can cover a lot of ground. The field blends some science with a lot of general knowledge. So how do you know what to study in preparation for this test? Our Mechanical Comprehension study guide will lead you through the various terms and concepts you should understand in order to do well.

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Paragraph Comprehension

Understanding the information in a paragraph can be a complicated task and there will be a variety of question types on this section of the ASVAB. Gather some clues and find out exactly what to practice by using our Paragraph Comprehension study guide before you test!

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Word Knowledge

Even if vocabulary is not your strength, you can use the clues in this study guide to help you figure out the answers on this part of the ASVAB. There are ways to narrow down the choices when you don’t know the exact answer and we can help you do that!

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