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Our free study guides for the ACT test are a great way to review the concepts you need to know to ace the ACT test! We give you a summary of the most pertinent information so you can pinpoint the areas where it would be most beneficial to focus your attention. Whether you’re short on time or using our study guides in tandem with our practice tests and flashcards, they will get you that much closer to a great score!

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Sections of the ACT


From technical writing skills, such as punctuation and usage, to the broader concepts of style and organization, the ACT English test is an overall evaluation of your expertise with the language. This study guide will help you review many components of written English in preparation for the ACT test questions.

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The Mathematics section of the ACT test requires you to combine knowledge and skills from all of your years of math instruction. Many of the items call on high school level math ability, but you will also be asked to recall much simpler math procedures and modeling in order to answer correctly. This study guide will give you a framework in which to study and an idea of what you may need to review further.

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During the ACT test, reading requires more than simply knowing the words and gaining basic meaning from text. You will be asked some “recall” questions, but you will also need to use analysis and reasoning to draw conclusions beyond the text. See what skills may require further review by referring to this study guide as you prepare.

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This section of the ACT test provides scientific information and data to which you can refer as you answer questions on scientific topics. While background information on the topic may be helpful, it will be more important to reason and analyze as you choose each answer. Check out this study guide to find out more about what you’ll need to do on test day!

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The Writing section of the ACT test is optional, but many students choose to take it to satisfy college application requirements. Find out exactly what test scorers will be looking for when then evaluate your performance on this test by checking out this study guide. Knowing what to expect is always preferred in any testing situation, and we can help!

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