How to Study for an ACT® Retake

How to Study for an ACT® Retake

Because it is one of the primary exams used for college admissions, students often experience a great deal of anxiety when taking or retaking the ACT®. Many students take the exam more than once. Even if they receive a good score when taking the exam initially, college applicants have found that they can raise their ACT® composite score by an average of one point by taking the exam again. This is a strong incentive for retaking the exam, especially for students who may be trying to obtain a scholarship or get accepted into a highly competitive university.

How Does a Retake Work?

Studying and preparing for an ACT® retake can be slightly different than taking the exam initially. Examinees are allowed to take the test seven times during one year and, as of 2020, they can choose to retake either one, two, or all three sections. So, you may not be preparing for the entire test. With the ACT®’s superscoring option, students can send only their most favorable scores to prospective colleges.

How Do You Study Differently for a Retake?

These testing options allow students to accomplish several goals. First, you can decide which sections to retake by creating specific goals for each section. Even if you scored well in one section, you can still brush up on it to get the highest score possible. Once you’ve achieved that, you can concentrate your efforts more fully on the remaining section(s) where you haven’t yet reached your goals.

Creating a Retake Study Plan

Depending upon how many parts of the exam you intend to retake, you will want to come up with a study plan accordingly—and one that maximizes your preferred learning style. This could include tutoring, classes, or self-directed studying. One other benefit you have as a previous test taker is knowing in which areas you had trouble, which means that you can focus your efforts on your greatest weaknesses.

Final Tips

No matter your goals, retaking the ACT® is sure to cause some anxiety and trepidation. However, just as with the original test, calming your nerves can be accomplished through thorough preparation and by ensuring you have enough sleep and a filling breakfast on the big day.

Whether you are preparing for your first ACT® testing session or retaking one or more sections, be sure to access our Free Preparation for the ACT® test.

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