Question 7 - ELAR: Reading Practice Test for the TSIA2

Which one of these statements might be accurately inferred from the attached passage?

Education begins the minute a baby is born and is life-long. Education may even begin before birth as evidenced by some parents playing music or reading to the baby in the womb in the hope it will influence (educate) their child before birth. For some, the struggles and triumphs of daily life are far more instructive than formal schooling (Thus Mark Twain: “I never let school interfere with my education.”)

Family members have an educational effect which is quite profound – often more profound than they realize – though family teaching techniques may be highly informal.

Formal education occurs when society makes a commitment to educate people, usually the young. Formal education can be systematic and thorough, but the sponsoring group may seek selfish advantages when shaping impressionable young scholars.

Life-long education has become widespread. Many adults have given up the notion that only children belong in school, and many adults can be seen enrolled at post-secondary education schools, where they are often classified as non-traditional students due to their age.

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