Question 36 - ELAR: Reading Practice Test for the TSIA2

From this passage, it can be concluded that ____.

Between the years 0 and 1900 A.D., global sea level variation was likely between 7 cm and 11 cm, or up to about four inches. Between 1000 and 1400, the levels decreased an average of one fifth of a millimeter per year, or less than a thousandth of an inch, coinciding with a slight global temperature drop, [scientists] estimated.

They also concluded based on their reconstruction that it is extremely likely that the sea-level rise in the 20th century – 14 cm, or 5.5 inches – was faster than during any previous century since at least 800 B.C.

After creating a model to relate the rate of sea-level change to the average temperature, the researchers estimated the human contribution to 20th-century sea-level rise, concluding that it probably account for more than half of that increase.

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