Question 28 - Reading Practice Test for the TEAS

Of these options, which title best fits the attached passage?

As young children, we are taught to read. From a tender young age, we are read to at bedtime, serenaded by a mother or father’s voice. As time goes on, we learn to read ourselves. In kindergarten, or even before, we come to understand the meaning of words on a page and how they are significant. As children grow up, however, many fail to foster a love of or appreciation for reading, instead labeling it as a school-time activity or a source of stress. Reading comes to be regarded as harrowing or tedious, and for many, it is only engaged in for the purpose of receiving a passing grade. However, those who wish to develop their communication skills may want to take a closer look; reading regularly has been shown to not only improve one’s writing skills, but to also assist in verbal communication and increase understanding of verbal and facial cues. Reading, then, should not be regarded as a chore or an insurmountable obstacle, but as a crucial aspect of learning how to deal with others and how to express oneself.

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