Question 1 - 11th Grade Mathematics: Geometry Practice Test for the SBAC

The diagram provided shows a circle with a center at \(A\). \(ADB\) is a right angle. \(EC\) is a line segment. Points \(A\) and \(D\) lie on this segment. Segment \(AE\) has length \(x\), segment \(BD\) has length \(y\), and angle \(BAC\) has measure \(m\) degrees.

Which of these statements is/are true based on the given diagram?

  1. Segment \(AD\) \(\cong\) segment \(DC\)
  2. sin (\(BAC\)) = \(\frac{y}{x}\)
  3. \(EAB\) and \(CAB\) are complementary angles
  4. Segment \(EC\) \(\cong\) 2(segment \(EA\))
1 3 Circle with Parts

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