Flashcard 3 - Math Flashcard Set for the PERT


The correct answer is:

\(x^a \cdot x^b = x^{a+b}\)
\(x^a ÷ x^b = x^{a-b}\)
\((x^a)^b = x^{a \cdot b}\)
\(x^{-a} = \frac{1}{x^a}\)
\(x^0 = 1, x ≠ 0\)


To multiply expressions with exponents but the same base, simply copy the base and add the exponents. To divide, simply copy the base and subtract the exponents. To raise an expression to a power or exponent, copy the base and multiply the exponents. An expression with a negative exponent can be expressed another way as the reciprocal of the same base but with a positive exponent. A base raised to zero exponent is equal to 1, the base being a non-zero.

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