Five Personal Traits That Would Make You a Good Medical Assistant

Five Personal Traits That Would Make You a Good Medical Assistant

Medical assistants (MAs) play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Their day-to-day tasks are often filled with administrative, clerical, and clinical duties, meaning that their work is incredibly varied and can sometimes be demanding. Successful medical assistants often exhibit the following traits, which help them to excel in their chosen profession.


Since medical assistants work in nearly all aspects of the clinical facility, their scope of knowledge must be great, and they must know how to rise to any challenge they meet during the day. For this reason, MAs with a knack for understanding the details of operations often find success in this occupation.


The medical assisting profession is characteristically unpredictable. In this job, you never know what new challenge or problem might arise during your shift. Even when there are no problems, MAs have to successfully transition from patient care settings to administrative functions fluidly. This often requires that the individual be flexible and adaptable.


As an MA, you will have both patients and physicians relying on you. A failure to show up or habitual tardiness can throw off an entire day at a clinic. This position requires someone who is punctual and reliable.


Since so many aspects of patient care rely on MA-completed tasks, it’s vital that the medical assistant knows how to perform all of these tasks. While no one likes making mistakes, it is especially crucial to minimize them in patient care settings.


Professionalism in the healthcare setting often means many things, including good communication skills and a desirable bedside manner when working with patients. It also means demonstrating respect for the physicians, nurses and other clinical staff that work with you.

It’s true that a career in medical assisting can be incredibly demanding, but it can also be very rewarding. Many individuals relish having a career in which they serve the needs of others. If you have some of the traits listed above, it may be worth considering a career in medical assisting. You could become an invaluable member of a clinical team!

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