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Free Study Guides for the GACE®

There’s so much to know about teaching in the elementary school. Just what are you supposed to study? Our free study guides for the GACE test should give you a good idea. We outline all the concepts tested so you can review. Then, be sure to test your knowledge by using our flashcards and practice questions. They’re also free!

Test I: Analysis

This study guide should help you familiarize yourself with the Analysis portion of the GACE Elementary Education Test. Be sure you understand what will be expected of you and how to best approach the two extended response questions in this section. Since the questions in the Analysis section are not multiple choice, we do not offer practice questions or flashcards for it.

Test II: Health Education, Physical Education, and the Arts

Education is not only limited to academic areas, but also includes health and physical aspects as well as instruction in the arts. Test II of the GACE includes questions about teaching elementary students in these subjects. Use this study guide to help review what you need to know to do well on this section of the test.

Test II Mathematics

Teaching math in the elementary school requires full background knowledge of all terms and procedures used in those grades, but you’ll need something else to do well on the GACE® math test. As you go through this study guide, you should consult your education class memories and materials to find strategies that are appropriate for teaching each concept to students. This type of question is common on the test.

Test II Science

The GACE Science section is part of the GACE Test II for Elementary Education. You will need to know science content taught in elementary school, but there is also a huge emphasis on being able to match teaching strategies to specific lessons. This study guide will not list or discuss appropriate teaching strategies, so you will need to extract those from your memory or from related class resources, such as textbooks and online materials.

Test I Reading and Language Arts

The whole realm of reading and language arts teaching in the elementary grades is immense. These subjects are the very foundation of elementary instruction, so where do you even begin preparing for a test on all of this? Use this study guide to establish your strengths and to define where you may need more work. Make notes about strategies you would use to teach each area. And be sure to also access our free flashcards and practice questions to check your progress.

Test I Social Studies

Teaching social studies in the elementary school requires not only knowledge of the content required by the state of Georgia, but a firm understanding of appropriate strategies used to help students learn this content. As you go through this study guide, be sure to note the best teaching strategies for each concept. You may remember teaching methods or can jog your memory by consulting course references from your previous studies. You will be required to match strategies to concepts in the actual GACE test.

Hopefully, these study guides have given you a solid outline of what to study and you’ll have a great GACE testing experience. Do let us hear from you via Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Or shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you and best of luck!