Math on the GACE® Test

Math on the GACE® Test

The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE) is responsible for approving educator certification in the state of Georgia. To do this, tests are administered to prospective educators and, to become certified, all prospective teachers are required to pass the GACE assessments in their field of study.

One of these tests is the GACE Test for Elementary Educators. It is divided into two parts: Test I and II. Math skills are assessed as 53% of Test II.

What to Know about the Math Section of the GACE Test II

The GACE math of the test is taken on a computer. You will have two hours in which to complete 75 questions. They are all multiple-choice questions, where you will select the correct answer or answers, depending on what is asked by each question. Not all questions on the test are scored. Some may be proposed for use on future tests. The questions are designed to measure basic math knowledge, application of math principles, and math teaching strategies.

Objectives of the Math Questions on the GACE Test II

There are six stated math objectives for the GACE Test II. All center around the prospective teacher’s math skills and their ability to impart that knowledge to their students. These are listed below and briefly explained:

Objective 1: Understands and applies knowledge of counting and cardinality—making sense of numbers and relationships to quantities

Objective 2: Understands and applies knowledge of operations and algebraic thinking—representing and solving problems using arithmetic; analysis of numerical expressions

Objective 3: Knowledge and application of numbers and operations in base 10—Use of place value and multi-digit numbers

Objective 4: Knowledge and application of numbers and fractions—multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions

Objective 5: Knowledge and application of measurement concepts and data— understanding length, perimeter, and area

Objective 6: Understanding and application of geometry—graphing points on a plane; identifying shapes and angles

What Areas of Math Are Tested?

Test II covers a wide range of math areas. Some of these are included in the list below:

  • Basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and their properties (e.g., commutative, associative)
  • Understanding equations
  • Representing information in an equation
  • Writing and interpreting expressions
  • Reducing fractions
  • Using different types of graphs to represent data

How to Prepare for the Math Questions on the GACE Test II

Basic knowledge of arithmetic and algebraic functions is essential for success on this test. Studying terminology and working different types of problems will increase your chances. Study guides and practice tests are an excellent source for review, as is reviewing textbooks. Keep in mind that the test was designed to determine two things: whether you have the math knowledge and also have the ability to impart it to your students.

We have preparation materials for the entire GACE test, including study guides, practice questions, and flashcards.

Sufficient practice and study will result in success. Good luck on the test!

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