Do You Need to Take the GACE® Elementary Education Test?

Do You Need to Take the GACE® Elementary Education Test?

If you want to teach in the state of Georgia, you’ll need to navigate a test called the GACE. The acronym stands for the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators®—a long name that encompasses a number of different tests. Before preparing, you’ll need to know which GACE test is required for the type of certification you seek.

Elementary Teachers and Special Ed Professionals

If your chosen teaching field is in the elementary school, either in a regular classroom or a special education setting, the GACE Elementary Education Tests are for you. Special ed teachers will need to take additional GACE tests in that field. One requirement for certification for both, however, is the successful completion of the elementary ed tests.

There’s More Than One Test?

Yes. While you can opt to take both at one sitting, the GACE Elementary Education Test is actually two separate tests: GACE Elementary Education I (001) and GACE Elementary Education II® (002). The combined test is numbered 501. Here’s a breakdown of the two tests and the percentage of subjects covered by them:

Test Subject % of Test
I Reading and Language Arts 50%
I Social Studies 25%
I Analysis 25%
II Mathematics 53%
II Science 30%
II Health Education, Physical Education, and the Arts 17%

What Are the Tests Like?

GACE tests are computer-administered by the ETS testing services. Most of the questions are typical multiple-choice items, but there are a few fill-in-the-blank, multiple-answer multiple-choice, and “extended response” (essay) questions, as well. You’ll be allowed about two hours of actual testing time per test.

What Do I Need to Know?

You have already learned most of the skills and knowledge you need to score well on the GACE tests. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare. With years of teacher preparation courses behind you, it’s easy to forget some of what you learned. This test assesses not only your knowledge of subject matter but your facility with the best practices and strategies to teach that material.

How to Do Well on the GACE

The best way to do well on the GACE is to study in advance. Taking GACE practice tests can help you get a feel for the difficulty level of questions you’ll encounter on test day. If you’re looking for a quick test of knowledge, flashcards can be a convenient choice. Having a friend quiz you on the material will both hold you accountable and help cement your learning by saying the words aloud. If you want to deep-dive into what will be on the test and aren’t sure where to start, GACE study guides can be a helpful way to make a plan of attack. No matter what way you choose to study, make sure you set time aside in advance so you’re not left cramming the night before.

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