Truckers: FREE CDL Test Prep and So Much More!

Truckers: FREE CDL Test Prep and So Much More!

Are you a current driver of one of those big rigs or are you preparing to be one?

Perhaps it’s still a dream, and you don’t know how to get started. Well, we’ve got you covered in all three of these situations:

  • learning all about becoming a truck driver
  • preparing for the CDL licensing tests
  • finding out how you can be more successful and happier while driving a truck

And it’s all FREE! Yep, you won’t be charged a dime…really! We just really believe in helping people achieve their dreams and, if a test is standing in your way, we can help you tame it!

Prepare for the CDL Test

First, we have a vast amount of newly updated CDL test prep resources, including:

CDL study guides

CDL practice questions

CDL flashcards

These resources will all help you get ready for all of the tests involved. And all of it has just been reviewed, edited, and revised by an experienced trucker. This guy knows his stuff and explains everything in really easy-to-understand terms. He has passed the tests and used the knowledge on the road, so you know you’re getting the latest information you need to pass the tests, as well.

Is There More?

There sure is! We also want you to make the most of your trucking career and we have

23 recently written CDL blogs (by the same author)

These materials are about all aspects of a trucker’s life, from deciding how and where to train to how to pass downtime on the road. You’ll find out what essentials to carry in your truck and how to plan a trip. Do you want to make the most money possible driving a truck? How do you navigate the scheduling demands of your life and still drive? These blog entries cover basically everything you need to know to be a successful truck driver.

What Else Do You Have?

We also have prep for a whole bunch of other tests, just in case there’s one of those in your future or the future of someone you know. Our stuff could also be useful if you’re interested in finding something to do during your downtime on the job.

So, check us out at Union Test Prep!

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