Free Flashcards for the CDL

We know taking the Commercial Driver’s License test can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! We’ve created a ton of free flashcards for the CDL test to help you quickly assess your CDL knowledge. Whether you’re short on time or just like the fun, interactive studying experience flashcards provide, our CDL flashcards will help prepare you for test day- and pass the test the first time!

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Air Brakes

While you won’t get a positive mark on your CDL license for passing the written and road tests on air brake systems of single and combination vehicles, you will get a restriction mark if you don’t. These flashcards will help you master the needed concepts in order to avoid that restriction and allow you to drive vehicles equipped with air brakes. You’ll test your knowledge of both dual and single air brake systems, when they are used, normal and abnormal findings, and troubleshooting.

Combination Vehicles

These flashcards will test your knowledge of all things related to the operation of combination vehicles. Passing the test on this is required if you want to drive any sort of combination vehicle and includes concepts like driving, inspection, coupling and uncoupling of these vehicles. Our flashcards will help you assess your knowledge of these.


If you want to drive any sort of vehicle with two or three trailers, you must have a Class A license and pass this test to get a doubles/triples endorsement. These flashcards will test your knowledge of coupling and uncoupling, checking of air brakes, and the inspection and pulling of double/triple trailers.

General Knowledge

This is the section of the CDL that covers general safety and cargo transportation rules pertaining to the driving of a commercial motor vehicle. You will need to pass this test in order to get your CDL license, and these flashcards will help you boost your knowledge in order to do well on the test.

Hazardous Material

Transportation of hazardous materials is strictly regulated by the government and the CDL endorsement for this must be updated every two years. Reviewing the current regulations through these flashcards will help you pass the test and keep your endorsement current so that you are authorized to haul hazardous wastes or substances.

Inspection Procedures

There’s nothing like having an examiner watch your every move as you demonstrate your inspection knowledge and skills. Flip through these flashcards to keep procedures fresh in your mind and keep your nerves at bay during the test!

Passenger Transport

Drivers transporting eight or more people for hire must have a CDL Passenger Transport endorsement, which requires passing both a written and road test. These flashcards will help you review the bus safety and inspection rules covered on the written test.


You will need to know the regulations in order to be certified to carry 1,000 gallons or more of liquids or liquid gas. There are special inspections and proper driving procedures involved in tanker transport and these flashcards will help you study for the required test.

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