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Air Brakes

10 topics

  1. Air Brake System Parts: 3
  2. Air Brake Check
  3. Dual Air Brake Systems and Operating Brakes
  4. Inspecting Air Brakes
  5. Pump Up Test and Leak Test
  6. ABS and Air Brake Facts
  7. Pump Down Test
  8. Air Brake System Parts: 1
  9. Air Brake System Parts: 2
  10. Low-Pressure Warning System

Combination Vehicles

10 topics

  1. Rollover Risk and Braking
  2. Skids and Wide Turns
  3. Hand Valve and Air Lines
  4. Dropping (Uncoupling) the Trailer
  5. Railroad Tracks
  6. Backing Up
  7. Glad Hands and Shut-off Valves
  8. Combination Vehicle Care and Other Facts
  9. Review of Air Brake Concepts
  10. Coupling

Driving Skills

5 topics

  1. All About the Driving Test
  2. Preparing for the Driving Test and Test Day Ideas
  3. The Vehicle Inspection Test
  4. The Basic Controls Skills Test
  5. The Road Test

Doubles/Triples Test

5 topics

  1. All About Doubles and Triples
  2. Safety Considerations
  3. Inspection Considerations
  4. Coupling Doubles and Triples
  5. Uncoupling Doubles and Triples

General Knowledge

15 topics

  1. Vehicle Inspection
  2. Inspection During a Trip
  3. Backing Up and Seeing When Driving
  4. Inspection Step 1
  5. Communication and Managing Space
  6. Definitions and Tunnel Facts
  7. Medical Examination Report
  8. Dangerous Road Conditions
  9. Inspection Step 2
  10. Inspection Step 5
  11. Inspection Step 7
  12. Inspection Step 3
  13. Inspection Step 4
  14. Inspection Step 6
  15. Turning Safely and Difficult Road Conditions

Hazardous Materials

10 topics

  1. Communication Rules: Shipping Papers
  2. Placards and Labels
  3. All About a HazMat Endorsement
  4. Reading Placard Table 1
  5. Federal and State HazMat Regulations
  6. Basic HazMat Protocols
  7. Communication Rules: Placards and Labels
  8. Loading and Unloading Basics
  9. Handling HazMat
  10. Intent of Regulations and Who Does What?

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