Famous People Who Used to Drive a Truck

Famous People Who Used to Drive a Truck

If you’re a trucker, you have some good- and very famous- company! Here are six celebrities who drove a big rig before they hit the big time:

Elvis- Foreshadowing his future status as “The King,” Elvis used to drive a truck for the Crown Electric Company.

Richard Pryor- On his way to comedic stardom, Richard Pryor drove a truck for a catering company.

Chevy Chase- With a name like Chevy, it seems like destiny: Before finding fame on shows such as Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase drove- you guessed it- a truck.

Sean Connery- Before his name became synonymous with a certain James Bond, Sean Connery once drove a truck just like his dad.

Liam Neeson- Now he’s fighting every bad guy imaginable in the movies, but as a younger man he was driving a truck around his native Ireland.

James Cameron- Before steering movies like Titanic and Avatar to blockbuster success, he was steering the wheel of a big rig. Cameron quit his job as a trucker in 1977 after being inspired by the movie Star Wars.

Famous People Who Used to Drive a Truck

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