Flashcard 3 - Driving Test Flashcard Set for the CDL


The correct answer is:

All belts must be checked:

  • water pump
  • alternator
  • air compressor
  • power steering

Belt condition must be:

  • should be snug
  • up to 3/4” of play at center of belt
  • no cracks
  • no frays


If any of the above systems don’t use a belt (gear driven), you must:

  • tell the examiner that the system is not belt driven
  • check that the equipment is working properly (mounted correctly, not leaking, no missing bolts, etc.)

In most modern trucks, the air compressor and/or power steering pump are gear driven.
Each of these belts operates a major system within the vehicle; damage to one of the belts could cause an accident or system failure, resulting in injury or endangerment of other drivers.

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