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Free Study Guides for the ACCUPLACER® Test

Our free study guides for the ACCUPLACER test provide review of the concepts you need to know to do well on the test the first time! Whether you need to brush up on reading, math, or sentence skills, (or even all of them!) our study guides for the ACCUPLACER test will help you do well- and not waste time in a class that’s below your skill level!

ESL Language Use

Success with ESL Language Use section requires you to manipulate words and parts of sentences to make them more clear. You’ll still have to follow the rules of standard written English, so it’s important to know them. This study guide will help you know what to review as you prepare for the test.

ESL Listening

Understanding a language other than your own can be difficult, especially when it is spoken in different settings and for different purposes. Get some helpful hints in our ESL Listening study guide and prepare to do well on this part of the test!

ESL Reading Skills

Reading in English, as in any language, is much more than being able to pronounce the words. There are many terms and ideas with which you need to be familiar in order to truly comprehend what is written. Refer to this study guide as you study for the ACCUPLACER ESL Reading Skills test. It will help you know where your strengths lie and what things you need to practice before the test.

ESL Sentence Meaning

For this section of the test, you will need to know some basic rules of standard English. The skills tested are not too complicated, but the test requires you to understand some key elements of the language. Go through this study guide for an outline of what you’ll need to know. If there is anything you do not understand, seek additional practice in that area.

Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions

This math test covers the most advanced math content of any in the Accuplacer Next Generation suite of tests. Be sure to access our practice material for the other two Next Generation math tests if you encounter any difficulty with procedures basic to success at this level. Otherwise, follow this study guide to see what you’ll need to know to do well on this, the Advanced Algebra and Functions Test, which is often required of college students majoring in STEM-related fields or in non-STEM fields requiring a great deal skill in math.

Next Generation Arithmetic

Even though this test only covers math basics, there are a lot of concepts that fall in that category and you probably practiced them quite a while back. Refresh your memory of basic math stuff by using this study guide. It tells you exactly what you need to know before the test!

Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics

The Accuplacer Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics Test covers topics above and beyond those on the Arithmetic Test. It’s not as involved and challenging as the Advanced Algebra and Functions Test by Accuplacer, but you’ll need to review numerous algebra strategies to do well. Start with this study guide to see just what you do need to know!

Note: If you find you need to review basic math skills, as well, check out our study guide, practice questions, and flashcards for the Accuplacer Next Generation Arithmetic Test. There, you find the really basic stuff that you should know before tackling the material in this study guide.

Next Generation Reading

The Accuplacer Next Generation Reading test requires not only reading comprehension, but the ability to take material you have read and apply it to higher level questions, such as those requiring analysis (breaking down ideas) and synthesis (putting ideas together in a new way). Use this study guide to help in your preparation for this test and find out just exactly what you need to know and be able to do!

Next Generation Writing

The Accuplacer Next Generation Writing Test requires you to review the writing of others and tell how to make it better. In this study guide, you will find a list of skills you’ll need to do well on the test. Then, you can practice using these techniques when practicing your editing skills before the test and you’ll be familiar with the type of editing required by the questions on the test.

WritePlacer Essay

Writing an essay can be difficult, but having a few clues about what types of things the assessors are looking for will help you to structure the time you are given. Check out this study guide to find out how to make the most of this testing experience.

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