What Is the Wonderlic® Test?

What Is the Wonderlic® Test?

A related question is, “What do an NFL hopeful and an ordinary job applicant have in common?” Answer: They may both be given the Wonderlic® test as part of their pre-job assessments.Yes, both the NFL and many personnel managers use the Wonderlic® test as a hiring assessment tool. It’s not the only tool used in either instance, but it can provide valuable information about candidates in both situations. To find the answer to the title question, read on.

How Are Wonderlic® Test Results Helpful?

The Wonderlic® assesses how well people can think “on their feet”—in other words, how well they perform under a certain amount of pressure. You can see how this skill could be important, both in pro football and in a work situation. In either job, days are unpredictable and it helps to be able to make snap decisions appropriately.

How Does the Wonderlic® Test Evaluate Decision-Making Ability?

This test is all about time and how quickly you can work. Yes, you do have to have some basic knowledge, but it’s not really testing high-level skills. It’s testing how fast you can find answers. There are 50 questions packed into 12 minutes of test time, so there’s no time to evaluate and re-evaluate each question. You just have to answer and move on.

What Subjects Does the Test Cover?

There are four types of questions on the Wonderlic® test:

  • Facts and Figures
  • Logic Questions
  • Verbal (English) Skills
  • Math (Word Problems)

How Should I Prepare?

Probably the most important parts of your preparation are becoming familiar with the specific types of questions you’ll see and practicing finding answers for them very quickly. Check out this source for much more information as well as totally free practices for all four types of questions: FREE Practice for the Wonderlic® Test.

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